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10 — Did BTS Earn “Perfect?”

Did BTS earn "perfect?" Our hardest decision since deciding to rate TWICE's album as weak. Oh, and we rated SF9, too! Find out if either of them are even good in episode 10 of The Kpop Show!
Oh, and: Andrew has a brilliant idea for the next BTS music video, Rhodri can't ever get the podcast description right, and we say BTS more times in a row than any podcasters ever have before. Also, Andrew explains why SF9 can't swim in the deep end, Rhodri was forced to make the most difficult decision of his podcasting career, and we both still make way too many jokes during the honorable mentions section.
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SF9 - 2:16
BTS - 7:34
Honorable Mentions - 16:53
Masc - Tina
1NB - Stalker
DAY6 - February - You Were Beautiful
Block B - Yesterday
Jung JoonYoung - The First Person - Me and You
Rhythm Power - Bangsaneung
Cross Gene - Mirror - Black or White
Crucial Star - You Can Rest
NCT Dream - The First - My First and Last
V.O.S (Voice of Soul) - Smile
Superbee - Pattern
Mike Kills - Yaya
Wonder Girls - Draw Me
Ku HyeSun - Journey of Winter
Don Mills - Mr. Trap Hwang
Beatwin - Don't Leave
WUTAN - Dope Boys Club - Asian Glow
B.I.G - Rebirth
JangJoon & YoungTaek - Drought
Snacky Chan - Netflix & Chill
SoYou & Baekhyun - Rain
PIE - Love Recipe
June One Kim & Krystal - I Don't Wanna Love You
K.A.R.D - Don't Recall
Personal Favorites - 22:16
The Part Where We Beg You To Review The Show On iTunes - 25:02

Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam — PERFECT

You won't believe the stuff you never knew about these guys. Their song is perfect, and we want you to know what brought them to this point, so we dedicated an episode to their artistic histories.

Gallant Supercut: Jupiter Grayscale, Miyazaki, Bourbon, Talking To Myself, Bone + Tissue, Chandra

Epik High Supercut: It's Cold, Spoiler, Fan, 1 Minute 1 Second, One, I Remember, Gift, Map The Soul



9 — Ladies at WAR: Red Velvet vs Suzy

Can Suzy even sing? Maybe not, but Red Velvet can, and they prove it in their latest release, Rookie. Find out if these albums are even good in episode 9 of THE Kpop Show.
In other news, Andrew actually follows Kpop now, Rhodri feels bad for Red Velvet, and we cry tears of joy because of Gallant's beautiful voice. Also, Andrew learns he can see the future of Kpop, Rhodri fails at pronouncing Korean names, and we tell too many jokes during our Honorable mentions.
Think you can handle it?
Suzy // Yes No Maybe // 4:39
Red Velvet // Rookie // 11:43
Zion.T // OO // 19:42
Honorable Mentions // 23:33
Kang Sira - Don't Wanna Forget
Kevin Oh - Stardust
Gain & Jeff Bernat - Pray
Yesung - Darling U
San E - I Am Me (feat. Hwasa of MAMAMOO) - Season of Suffering
Paramount - Crybaby
Jessi - Don't Make Me Cry
Dynamic Duo x Chen (of EXO) - Nosedive
MelodyDay - You Seem Busy
Sam Kim x Loco - Think About Chu
IMFACT - In The Club
Chameleon - Dakshood
Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam - Cave Me In
Huh Gak - Miss You
J'Kyun - Cry
Crown J - H A J I M A
Basick - My Wave
Bae HaeIn (or) HaeIn Bae - Windy Day
Suho x Song YoungJoo (quite a decorated jazz pianist) - Curtain - The FINAL "Station" track!
Rhodri's Personal Favorite // 29:03
Andrew's Personal Favorite // 30:46
Gaon Chart Top 5 // 33:04

8 — Seohyun Plagiarized Taeyeon?

There are some striking similarities between "Hello (feat. Eric Nam)" and "Starlight (feat. DEAN)" that we reveal. So: did Seohyun copy Taeyeon? Whose fault is it that this happened?

Also, Rhodri thinks this is Kpop's most disappointing two weeks of his entire Kpop experience, Andrew plugs La La Land, Dreamcatcher sings like the Rockers of old, 2NE1 says goodbye, CLC gets pooped on, and Jun.K isn't Junk. All of this (not necessarily in that order) and more in Episode 8!

Jun. K - 1:26
Dreamcatcher - 5:38
CLC - 8:00
Honorable Mentions - 13:25
RAVI - Bomb
Sonamoo - I Think I Love U
NODAY - Be Cool
AYNA - Blue Moon
DOK2 - 1ll Recognize 1ll
Zizo - Dynamite Girl
I - I Dream - I Wish
Cheetah - Style Diet
Yoon DoHyun - Sparks Fly
Rain - The Best Present
YeoJin - Kiss Later
Starship Ent - Vintage Box (vol. 4) w/ 40 & Dasom - You&I
Suzy - Pretend  
I.O.I - Downpour
Luna (f(x)), HANI (EXID), & Solar (MAMAMOO) - Honey Bee
Deep Cut - Seohyun's Hello vs. Taeyeon's Starlight - 18:39
Rhodri's Personal Favorite - 30:12
Andrew's Personal Favorite - 32:32
2NE1's Goodbye - 35:06

7 — AoA’s Best Album Ever

There was a PERFECT album this week! Was it AoA's? Was it NCT 127's? We'll tell you who did us all this favor, because this week we're reviewing TONS of albums.

ALSO: Would you believe that Jun.K FINALLY released a track that sounds like music? And Day6 is back! And two groups from the 90s released albums! Who'd have expected the surprises 2017 brought to Kpop?

We think it's safe to say this is 2017's best week in Kpop releases. ((somebody had to make that joke...))

3:03 AoA
9:56 SES
12:05 ShinHwa
14:09 Akdong Musician
20:36 WJSN
24:53 NCT 127
32:29 Vromance
38:29 Honorable Mentions
Cho Hyun Min & Park Min Gyu - I Should Tell You
Hwang Kwang Hee & Gaeko (feat. Oh Hyun) - Your Night
Jun.K - Your Wedding
April - Prelude - April Story
Minje - Boy II Man - Our City
Varsity - Round One - U R My Only One
TopSecret - Time's Up - She
Mixx - Love Is A Sudden
Siaena - Look At The Moon
Day6 - Every Day6 January - I Wait
TRAX - Road

6 — Why Exo Is Amazing

Every new Exo release is a gift to the world. In this episode we dug into the composition of their song "For Life" and discovered what we already knew: Exo is amazing.

Of course, we did other reviews as well, and picked out two of our personal favorite releases. We also talked about two of you! It's a more laid back episode, what with all the Christmas/Winter themed releases having just happened.

Exo - For Life [7:31, 13:03]

Exo - On The Snow [14:19]

Exo - Falling For You [14:32]

Hoody - By Your Side (feat. Jinbo) [17:06, 17:52]

Hoody - Your Eyes (feat. Jay Park) [19:20]

BTOB - The Miracle [20:06]

HaSeul - The Carol [20:14]

ShinYong Jae x Luna - It's You [20:30]

Bolbbalgan Puberty - Tell Me You Love Me [21:10]

Lim DoHyuk - Hate Christmas [21:26]

SF9 - So Beautiful [21:34]

WENDY, Nile Lee, Jay JungJae Moon - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [22:10, 22:16]

K.B.B - Jessi, DumbFounDead, Lyricks, Microdot [24:41, 24:50, 25:12]



BIGBANG's new album dropped, and the war against TWICE began. We'll tell you how it all went down and who won!


We play you snippets of all the best new Kpop songs, do some album reviews for Zico (feat. Dean, Crush), B1A4, Jung SeungHwan, Sechskies, SEVENTEEN, Pentagon, and K.A.R.D, as well as tell you our two personal favorite songs from these past 3 weeks.


TAK - Voice
San E - Bad Year
Mad Clown - Lie
S.E.S. - Love [Story]
Shinhwa - Unchanging, Part 1
Cosmic Girl - Don't You Worry Bout' Me
Chanyeol - Stay With Me
HEIZE - Star
Nell - Loop
Yerin Baek - Love You On Christmas
Exo CBX - Crush U
Jonghyun - Inspiration
Pill Kim - From Feel
Cheon Dung - Thunder

Is BIGBANG Even Good?

BIGBANG is back on top and we're gonna tell you how they got there. Get ready to dig into BIGBANG's history just days before the big release! You won't regret it.

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4 — SHINee’s Hidden Message

SHINee's new songs are the most tragic of 2016's Kpop, but only we figured it out.

But first, we thanked one of you. And of course, we have to show you the newest albums, from Mamamoo to Momoland.

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Night Apple - Ta Rin
E - BOYS24
Monster - Kim Feel
Fizz - D.I.P
Album of Her Style - Lee Sora
We Are Young - G2
Mmm - Choyoung
Genesis Part 4 - Benny Char
The Legendary Taste - Ryan
The Girl Of This Month - HyunJin
Don't Go - YDG
Sweet Dreams - HeeChul x Min KyungHoon - Station
Nobody's Perfect - KittiB
Burst - Up10tion
Ear Attack 2 - Badkidz
Zingo - Zingo


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